Quinny Lover

Quinny Lover

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Quinnylover First Post

Hi all!
I love Quinny. It is not a person, a dog, a cat. It is also not a sports car, and for sure it is not the name of my lovely wife ( her name is ayinz, FYI). For those who are still wondering why on earth a simple person like myself would fall head over heels over an 'undefined' item, you would be more curious when i say that my beloved Quinny is a ...
baby stroller!

I am guilty of indulgence - being first time parents my wife and I are somehow at awe at how much money we need to spend on items to welcome our little girl into this world. I can say it is not a cheap business having a baby around - the cot, diapers, baby bathtub, clothing, et cetera-et cetera. But when I lay my eyes on her (Quinny, not the baby), I knew one day I must have her.
Ok, ok, for those who are still blur what this Quinny looks like - go to here: http://www.quinny.com
And I know that I am not alone in feeling this way. One day - when I strolled smugly with my Quinny Zapp and my baby girl, suddenly one hot hootchie mama came up to me and said:

"Best stroller in the world, isnt it?"

Then she simply walked away, and with my eyes trailing her steps in bewilderment, I saw her husband, pushing away a shiny Quinny Zapp also, giving me a proud smile, as of saying that 'hey buddy, welcome to the club'.
So, being this is my first posting in this blog, I would try to inculcate to the uninitiated on how greate this 3-wheeler really is, how the design differs from the other typical prems and strollers, and why there is a group of people that belong to this elite club of Quinny owners.
Fellow Quinny owners, I welcome you all!

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