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Quinny Lover

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Introduction - Quinny Zapp

I still remember the first time that I saw a Quinny stroller - It was back in February 2006. There is this one baby shop in Atria Damansara Jaya (this is in KL, Malaysia) where my brother fullheartedly promoted to me that they sell the best products around, and at best prices too.
Orange colored Quinny Zapp ----->

So me and my wife trotted along to Atria, and upon entering the shop - Planete Enfants [ http://www.planeteenfants.com.my ] we were really excited by the huge number of choices available. But if this is the good news, then here is the bad news - the prices are well beyond our budget.

Mind you, we are not that poor of a couple, but seriously, I dont know if anyone can afford a thing in that shop, unless you earn like a 5-digit salary every month.

But all is not lost - this was where I first lay my eyes on a Quinny. Love at first sight I might say. The Zapp really fits my idea of and ideal stroller - non bulky, folds small, and fits really well into my cute Picanto. And the design - non like i've seen anywhere before.

When I say it folds small, it is really, really compact. Instead of the humongus travel systems around that eats alot of your car bonnet space and not exactly lightweight either - the Quinny zap can easily fit into the leg space of the Picanto passenger seating area. Total weight - 6 kg. Quinny even say its the smallest stroller around.
<-- Quinny Zapp comes with this cool bag, almost the same size as a gymbag

Ok, that might pushing a bit, I've seen smaller stroller somewhere before, but with that design, weight and size, it is a perfect combination. With this Zapp I can really imagine going out to the park with my baby girl. But in reality, I did that only once ~chuckles~

So there begin my infatuation with the Quinny Zapp. I took me almost into every shop that sells one, which in fact quite a lot of shops in KL alone that sell the Zapp. Here's a list of the shops :

  • Hallmark Baby Store (Midvalley Megamall)

  • Mothercare

  • Hytex Studio (Ikano Power Centre)

  • Planete Enfants (Atria DJ)

  • That baby shop in damansara Uptown (Sorry, forgot the name)

  • The First Few Years (The Curve Damansara)

It was at the last shop that I got the best price of all. Better go there during the MegaSale season. The shop is directly infront of Mothercare, which carry the brand also, so there is quite a price war whenever there's a promotion. At that time I got 20% off, where Mothercare gave about 15% off :)

So enuff said - for aspiring fathers out there who wants to look cool while pushing your baby around - then this stroller is for you.


Delia said...

omg! i can't believe u just opened a blog to say how much u love the stroller! hahahahha anyway, i stumbled upon this by chance. was contemplating on getting one and googled it! hehehe so is it really as good as you say it is? i've pushed my friend's baby in it and i find it very easy to manouver!

'Izique said...

How much is the troller?

Do you buy maxi cosi car seat together? Then how much for these 2 items? I am looking at this items.

Baidura said...

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clemente77 said...

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